District 18


Welcome to District 18 of Area 5 AA, serving Whittier, La Habra, La Mirada, and Hacienda Heights.

District 18 plays a crucial role in supporting the A.A. groups within our communities. By facilitating communication, offering resources, and coordinating efforts, we help carry A.A.’s message of recovery to those who need it.


Key Functions of District 18

Coordination and Support:

  • Meeting Schedules: We compile and distribute meeting schedules, ensuring that information about local A.A. meetings is readily available to members and newcomers.
  • Group Support: District 18 provides support to individual groups, helping them resolve issues, adhere to A.A. Traditions, and enhance their effectiveness in carrying the message.

Service Committees:

  • District Committees: Our district has various service committees dedicated to specific tasks such as Public Information, Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC), Corrections, and Treatment. These committees work on outreach projects to bring A.A.’s message to hospitals, jails, schools, and other institutions.
  • Workshops and Events: We organize workshops, seminars, and events to educate and inspire A.A. members about service opportunities and effective ways to carry the message.

Communication and Information Sharing:

  • District Meetings: Regular district meetings provide a platform for Group Service Representatives (GSRs) to share their group’s concerns and experiences, and to receive updates from Area 5 and the General Service Office (GSO).
  • Newsletters and Bulletins: Our district publishes newsletters to keep members informed about upcoming events, service opportunities, and important A.A. news.

Representation and Voting:

  • Area Assemblies: District 18 elects District Committee Members (DCMs) who represent us at Area 5 assemblies. Our DCMs bring the collective voice of District 18 to the area level, ensuring our views are considered in broader A.A. decisions.
  • Group Conscience: We facilitate the group conscience process, ensuring that decisions reflect the collective wisdom and experience of A.A. members within District 18.

Outreach and Public Information:

  • Carrying the Message: Our district engages in outreach efforts to spread A.A.’s message to those still suffering from alcoholism. This includes maintaining a public presence through local media, public service announcements, and informational materials.
  • Public Relations: We work to build relationships with the community, professionals, and institutions to increase awareness and understanding of A.A. and its purpose.


Importance of District 18

  • Enhancing Unity: By facilitating communication and cooperation among groups, we help maintain unity within A.A., ensuring that the fellowship remains strong and effective in its mission.
  • Providing Support: We offer essential support to individual groups, helping them navigate challenges and improve their ability to carry the message.
  • Promoting Service: District 18 plays a crucial role in promoting service work, encouraging A.A. members to get involved in various service opportunities and contribute to the fellowship’s overall health and growth.

Structure of District 18

  • District Committee Member (DCM): The DCM is an elected representative who coordinates district activities and represents District 18 at Area 5 assemblies.
  • Group Service Representatives (GSRs): Elected by their home groups, GSRs attend district meetings to share their group’s views and bring back information to their groups.
  • Service Committees: Various committees within our district focus on specific areas of service, such as public information, corrections, treatment, and cooperation with professionals.


District 18 serves as a crucial link between individual groups and the broader A.A. structure. By facilitating communication, providing support, and promoting service, we help ensure that A.A.’s message of recovery reaches those who need it in Whittier, La Habra, La Mirada, and Hacienda Heights. Engaging in district service offers A.A. members an opportunity to make a significant impact on the fellowship and its mission.